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Tortuga Boat Rehab and Detail

About the Owners

Mike and Ammie Farr, the owners of Tortuga Rehab and DetailMike Farr has over 20 years experience with detailing and restoration work, and specializes in boat rehab and restoration. Mike's love for all things marine extends from boating, fishing. and surfing to anything else that gives him an excuse to be out on the water. He started working on boats in high school at a marina in St Johns, and honed his craft over a 20 year period on all types of vessels, ranging from small bowriders to fishing boats, cabin cruisers, and luxury yaughts. Because so many people loved Mike's skill and attention to detail, eventually he extended his specialties out of the water to cars, and motor coach RVs and other luxury vehicles.  The only problem is that now that Tortuga Rehab and Detail has become so popular, Mike can't find as much time out on the water as he used to.

Ammie Farr also shares Mike's passion for the water, and may even be a better salt water angler than her husband.  She works alongside Mike, taking care of  the office administration and management of employees.   

Ammie and Mike are natives to the First Coast, and both were raised in Jacksonville, where they were high school sweet hearts.  They now have 5 beloved children together. 



What We Do


Mike Farr and the team have been providing mobile detailing service for Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, St Augustine, and surrounding areas for over 20 years. They’ve detailed more than 10,000 boats, cars, trucks, SUVs, jet skis, and motorcycles to absolute perfection. Tortuga Rehab and Detail handles both residential and commercial mobile detailing all over the Jacksonville area.



At Tortuga Rehab and Detail, we are always aiming for a higher professional standard of mobile detailing for your property. We use the best products available, and if there’s a better product out there, we’ll find it and use it. If there’s a better technique, we are already learning it. If there’s a better chemical, our chemist partners are already supplying it.

Mike loves a challenge. “Taking what appears to be someone's trash and and bringing it back to a thing of beauty is one of the things I truly love about this business,” he says. “Our best compliments are the clients that keep coming back.”



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